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Honey will find your discount coupons

Automaticly fill in coupons with Honey.

Fill out discount coupons

Searching for discount coupons is often a difficult job, you have to look up each coupon first and then you must always try to see if it is still valid. And then you just have to wait and see if you could have gotten even more discount with another coupon. Honey saves you quite a bit of time.  If you've shopped at a supported online store and landed on the checkout page, the Honey pop-up will automatically appear. Here you click on Apply Coupons and Honey will get to work for you. Honey will now try all discount coupons from its database and then notify you if there is a coupon available for the product. Click Apply ... coupons if any coupons are found. If there are no valid coupons, the button Try ... more coupons may appear to show coupons that are less likely to work

The video shows how easy Honey works.

Apply coupons with Honey

Honey Gold

In addition to looking for discount coupons, Honey offers Honey Gold . These are points that you can save at web shops that are affiliated with this savings program. If you can save Honey Gold points at a webshop, there is a golden icon with the letter G next to the name of the webshop in the window, which you open by clicking the orange Honey icon in the toolbar. Dutch web shops such as Groupon.nl , Zalando.nl are also affiliated. The saved points do not expire if you save 10 points once every 12 months.

Honey Gold

Browser extension

How exactly does Honey work?

Honey is a so-called browser extension, also called a plug-in. A plug-in is a utility that you can use within another program, in this case in a browser (the program that you use to browse the internet). Each extension has a specific function. At Honey these are the two most important: 1. Trying discount codes and 2. Earning points.

Do you want to install Honey? Choose your browser below and click further for the instructions.


Supported browsers and installation instructions:

Chrome Mac

Chrome Windows

Firefox Mac

Firefox Windows

Opera Mac

Opera Windows

Safari Mac

Edge Windows


If you only want to use the discount coupons that Honey offers, you do not need to create an account. If you also want to use Honey Gold points, an account is required. Honey Gold is Honey's loyalty points program.

Webshop support

Now you are probably wondering how to use Honey. That's very easy: All you have to do as a user is to install the extension from the browser you are using and Honey will do the rest. Every browser has some kind of extension store, comparable to Google's Play Store. If Honey supports the webshop, the orange Honey logo with a white H will appear at the top right of the toolbar (with the exception of Honey for Safari, where the logo remains gray and red numbers appear). 

Honey supports thousands of web shops worldwide,  such as Amazon.com , EBay.com , Gearbest.com , Banggood.com etc,  but also more and more web shops in the Netherlands, such as Zalando.nl , H & M.com , Expedia.com , Groupon .com , AliExpress.com , EBay.com

Despite the fact that Honey supports quite a few Dutch web shops, they are less generous when it comes to discount coupons. Foreign web shops, especially the Chinese ones, are more generous when it comes to discount coupons.

Taskbar with Honey Button

Honey Window

If you click on the orange Honey logo with the white  H  at the top right , the Honey window will appear, divided into three tabs at the bottom of the window. From left to right it is: Home , Search and Account . Account is then divided into two tabs, namely Honey Gold and Account . All these components are explained separately below.

Honey - Home

The Home tab shows the Honey Gold logo at the top, which indicates that points can be saved at this webshop. Below that you see the amount of discount stated with the button to activate it. Below you will find the coupons that are available for the current webshop. Each coupon states what you can use it for, for example on the order value or for a specific product.

Honey Home

Honey - Search


On Search you can of course search for your favorite webshop, below are the popular Dutch webshops with the Honey Gold icon, if the webshop supports this savings program.





Honey Search

Honey Account - Points saved

On this tab you can earn extra points in addition to saving points at web shops, namely by creating an account (50 points), going through the Demo (50 points) and inviting friends (500 points per friend). As you can see, you can easily earn a lot of points here. Below is the total of saved points with the Redeem button , with which you can hand in your saved points for a gift card at Zalando.nl and Ticketmaster.nl . This button is gray if you do not yet have sufficient point for a gift card and turns orange as soon as you have sufficient points. The current balance for a gift card is 1100 points. However, this may vary in the future.

Honey Account - Gold

Honey Account - Personal Information

On the Account tab you can find your personal data, you can request help via Help, change the settings and Log out .

Honey Account - Personal Data


Honey droplist logo.

Placing product in Droplist

Despite the fact that the Droplist function is only available in the US, I will still discuss this great function. By the way, Droplist will soon be available in other countries as well. With Droplist it is possible to receive a notification of products that have been reduced in price. All you have to do is put the product in the Droplist. When a white icon with an orange H with + symbol appears, the Droplist function is supported by the relevant webshop.

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