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You've probably heard of AliExpress. This is a kind of eBay from China, it is a platform on which Chinese sellers offer their products ranging from electronics, clothing to household goods at low prices where you can also collect extra discounts with coupons and other deals. You can find anything, and more, on AliExpress. What distinguishes AliExpress from other providers are the low prices in combination with very low to no shipping costs.

Search product

Ways to Search

On AliExpress you can search in different ways, via categories, via the search bar or via an image of a product you are looking for. The first two are self-explanatory, but the latter requires some explanation. With this search function you first take a photo of what you are looking for in the app and then the search engine finds a number of results. It is obviously important to ensure a well-lit and sharp photo with a neutral background, such as a piece of paper, for the best possible result.

Find the cheapest product

When looking for the cheapest provider, you have to consider several things. Describe the product as well as possible for the best possible result, using the filter menu. In this you indicate, for example, that you do not want to pay shipping costs and / or the minimum and maximum price of the product. This is important because otherwise you will be presented with too many results. Also select Price (low to high) to start searching at the lowest prices.

Important features to take into account

Global Version

When looking for Chinese electronics such as telephones, routers, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc., you should consider the pre-installed software. Here a distinction is made between Chinese software and Global software. With telephones, for example, you do not have the choice of your language and local settings with a Chinese variant. This choice is usually available with a Global version. Take a good look at the description and specifications of the product, check the reviews of the customers or ask the seller whether it is a global version and whether your language is installed.


For phones and equipment that need to be updated it is useful if it supports OTA, this means Over The Air and is the same as an update via WiFi. Also check if the device is receiving updates.


Before you purchase a Chinese product, it is wise to first read or view reviews via YouTube, so you find out whether it is not a cat in the bag. Many Chinese smartphones, for example, often have a faulty Android version installed.


Despite the fact that products at AliExpress are already cheap, it is also possible to get a discount here. There are 3 types of discount, namely AliExpress coupons, Seller coupons and
Select coupons. These 3 coupons can be combined in the most favorable case, if all coupons meet the minimum value and are valid for this seller.

AliExpress coupons

These coupons are issued by AliExpress itself and are valid for the entire order, so for the entire shopping cart, including orders placed with other sellers. There is of course a minimum order amount and a period in which they are valid.

Select Coupons

Select Coupons are provided by AliExpress ,self-issued and are only, as the title suggests, valid for selected sellers. These coupons are only valid for the order with this specific seller with a certain minimum amount and a period in which they are valid.

Seller Coupons

Seller coupons are coupons offered by the seller, so these are only valid for the order with that specific seller, not the entire shopping cart. Again, a minimum order amount and a period in which they are valid applies.

Obtain discount coupons

AliExpress coupons

These coupons are issued by AliExpress  itself. Usually during an event like Black Friday, an ad will pop up that you can tap to get the coupons.

Select Coupons

There are several ways to obtain discount coupons. You can obtain Select Coupons by exchanging coins that you have saved by, for example, performing actions such as collecting daily coins, using Image Search or playing a game.

Seller Coupons

Seller Coupons can be found on the seller's product page, by tapping on it you will get a list of different discount coupons. These coupons differ in terms of minimum spend and validity date.

Where to find all these coupons

In your own account, under Coupons you will find all the coupons that are yours, divided into My Select Coupons, AliExpress Coupons and Seller Coupons. If you tap on one of the categories, you will not only see the coupons, but also whether they are still valid or have expired. Valid coupons are shown in color and expired coupons are shown in gray. It also states a period that indicates when the coupon is valid.

Apply the various discounts

Applying the different discount coupons is done in this order: Seller coupons, Select coupons, AliExpress coupons.

Menu AliExpress

Coins & Coupons

To gain

Coins can be acquired by performing daily actions such as:

  1. Log in to the app (varies per day)
  2. Daily tasks:
    1. Using Image Search (+2)
    2. Exchange Coins for a Store Coupon (+3)
    3. Follow a store or influencer on Feed (+1)
    4. Share a new category now (+1)
    5. Like a post on Feed (+1).
  3. In addition, playing simple games also earns you coins, in total there are four games: Fantastic Farm Lucky Forrest , Energy Lab  and Flip 'n' Win .


Once you have the coins in your possession, you can immediately get a discount at a seller or exchange them for Select Coupons. There are three categories in the Home ->  Coins & Coupons category , namely:

  1. Coupon Exchange ,
  2. US $ 0.01 Exchange
  3. Coin Discount .


Participate in Freebees

With Freebees you can win products for free. You choose a product that interests you by selecting the appropriate category and product and tapping Apply for Free . This is allowed a maximum of twice a day. After 72 hours you will see if you have won. If you have won, you will still be required to transfer $ 0.01 and write a review. On the page of the promotion you will find how many items and how many participants are participating in this promotion. The duration of the promotion is also stated here, this is indicated as follows: Ends in: 2 Days 23 hrs 32 mins .

Odds of winning Increase

If you want to increase your chances of winning, check whether the number of participants is not too high and whether enough products are available, the time that remains is also important. The shorter the probability. By often participating in Freebees and writing good reviews you also increase your chance of winning.

Where to find your Freebees

Tap My Freebees  -> Applied For  for an overview of the Freebees you have participated in. Under Won  and Not Won  you will find your won and not won Freebees.

Flash Deals / Euro Deals

In the Euro Deals category you will find the current offers from various sellers on  AliExpress . But beware, these are offers from these specific sellers. It could very well be that the product from this deal is even cheaper elsewhere, so with another seller on AliExpress. So first search for the product name before ordering the Euro Deal.

Coupon Pals

A new way to get a discount is Coupon Pals. With this game you have to tap the button of the money gun as quickly as possible within a time frame of 10 seconds. Afterwards you will see the discount you have won, but you can increase it by inviting friends. Because everything they win, you win too. You can try again after 12 hours. The discount is paid in AliExpress coupons, so these can be used at any seller from a minimum amount stated on the coupon. These coupons can of course be found under Account -> Coupons .

Begin met spelen

3. Nodig vrienden uit om nog meer korting te verdienen

Schiet zo snel als je kan voor een zo hoog mogelijke korting

4. Gefeliciteerd, een AliExpress coupon van €0,89, te besteden vanaf €7,15 bij elke verkoper

Coupon Center

In Coupon Center you will find Seller (Store) Coupons classified by categories, such as Picked For You , Consumer Electronics , Sports Entertainment , Security & Protection and so on. Tap the coupon to add it to your account, these are listed under Account -> Coupons . In addition to the discount amount, the coupon also states:

  1. From what minimum amount this discount applies.
  2. Which seller you can spend it with.
  3. How many coupons are still available.


Many sellers on AliExpress ship products to the Netherlands for free, the downside is that you often have to wait a long time for your ordered items, at least a few weeks. So ordering something quickly is not an option, as is the case with a Dutch webshop. The bottleneck is often with Dutch customs, who often hold the package for a long time due to possible import costs. An exception to the rule is if the seller uses a European goods storage so that they can ship from Europe, which is of course much faster. If a package is sent from the EU, there are no import costs, so the package does not have to go through customs. The chance of damage is also smaller, since the distance of transport is also less.

Additional costs

When purchasing, check whether shipping costs have to be paid. In addition, you should also pay attention to the size of the amount due to import tax and import duties . Up to an amount of € 10 - € 22 (depending the EU country you live in) nothing extra has to be paid. From € 10 - € 22 to € 150 import tax must be paid (21% in the Netherlands) together with clearance fee (about € 12  in the Netherlands). From € 150, in addition to import tax (21% in the Netherlands) and clearance costs (about € 12  in the Netherlands), import duties must also be paid. The percentage depends on the type of product. It is quite possible that you do not have to pay extra, this is because so many packages are sent and random checks are carried out. If you want to be sure that you don't have to pay anything extra, look at a store with a European warehouse. The products are then sent from Europe so that there are no additional costs, apart from the shipping costs. Products shipped from a European warehouse are often slightly more expensive.

Multiple products

It is also possible that if you order multiple products you suddenly have to pay shipping costs while that was not the case for one product or that you exceed € 10 - € 22 and then have to pay import tax and / or import duties . Then order both products separately.

Reliability seller

To assess whether a seller is trustworthy, tap the Store icon at the bottom of the app of the product you searched for, then the seller's page will open with an icon of a medal at the top. If you tap on that you will see the ratings of the seller.

Buyer protection

Privacy Protection

With Privacy protection you enjoy protection in the form of secure payment traffic.

Payment Protection

Payment protection is a service from AliExpress that ensures that the seller only receives his money after you have confirmed the order. You do this with the Confirm product is received button . If you do not tap this button within 60 days, AliExpress will confirm the order itself so that the seller receives his money.

Delivery Protection

Delivery protection means that AliExpress promises to deliver the ordered goods. If this does not happen within 60 days, the company will fully indemnify you. You must of course take action yourself by requesting an extension 10 days before the buyer protection ends. If there are only 5 days left, you have to open a dispute to get your money back.

Guaranteed Authenticity

You can also buy original branded products on AliExpress, such as clothes and shoes. To do this, the icon below must be present or it must be indicated that it concerns an original product. If this is not the case, you can claim your purchase amount back from AliExpress, sometimes up to twice the purchase amount. You must of course provide proof for this.

Orgineel product.

Refund Protection

An ordered product that does not meet the seller's description will be reimbursed. It is also possible to try to find a solution in consultation with the seller. If you want to claim refund protection, tap the Confirm Order Received button within the period of 60 days, otherwise AliExpress will close the order and assume that you are satisfied.


Nowadays, AliExpress also offers a 1-year warranty on products through Allianz insurance . The logo of this insurance must be present on the product page in order to be able to claim it in case of defects. Usually this insurance is offered on products that are priced a little higher.


If a product is not delivered or something else is wrong with it, you can appeal to Dispute, translated as Disagreement. A dispute is outside AliExpress and therefore goes through the seller of the product.

You open a dispute by selecting the order and tapping the Dispute button . In case of a dispute, there are 2 options, namely a refund of the amount paid ( Refund only) or a refund of the amount paid and the return of the products. The first option involves not having received the goods and a full refund of the purchase amount, or that the product is not as described on the seller's page where only a partial refund is possible. With the second option, you want to return the product because you are not satisfied with it. A full refund of the purchase amount is also possible. The next step is to provide evidence, if possible. This proof can be a photo or a video. Make sure that the burden of proof is as complete as possible in order to be able to get a refund of your purchase amount.

Order Tracking

Just like with almost all webshops, AliExpress can also trace or follow your order. If you select your product and then tap Tracking you will be taken to the page with tracking information. Here you can see the expected arrival time, the carrier, your tracking number and where your package is now. You will also find a link to the tracking webpage of your package where more information can be found, such as when it has been shipped or whether it is waiting for customs clearance in the country of destination.

Own experience


I have been buying from Chinese webshops since 2012, and from AliExpress too for several years . The big advantage is that it is a platform where many sellers are brought together. It is therefore easy to search for anything and everything at an attractive price. In general, the quality is not that bad for me, I often do some research in advance, such as viewing reviews on websites and YouTube and I look at the reviews of customers about the product.

Delivery time

I often had to wait a while for the delivery of goods. If it came from China, I waited at least 2 weeks, but if it came from an EU storage warehouse , I could receive it within a few days. Incidentally, it is not so much because of the seller that the package is on the way for so long, but because of customs. So far, all my orders have been well packaged and were received undamaged.


On the other hand, it has happened a few times that the package did not arrive or that the product did not meet expectations. For this I then opened a dispute and was thus proved right. This concerned an ordered mobile phone that did not arrive, after waiting 60 days I opened a dispute and requested my purchase amount back, after a few days my claim was granted. Eventually, when I had long stopped expecting it, I received the phone.


Our robot vacuum cleaner, a Xiaomi (also from China) broke down. Due to the error message and some research on YouTube I knew which part was defective. A quick search on AliExpress, by brand, type and part immediately yielded results. In the end I ordered, received and installed the wheel for next to nothing.

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