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Shop at the alternative to AliExpress, Gearbest.


Gearbest? An alternative to AliExpress! The most famous Chinese webshop is of course AliExpress . Actually, this is not a web shop but a platform on which various web shops can offer their products. Kind of like eBay. But besides Ali, there are plenty of Chinese web shops that often sell their products even cheaper and offer numerous extra options.


Some well-known examples of this are Gearbest , Banggood and Geekbuying . These websites are specialized in electronics, such as telephones, tablets, media players, 3d printers and so on. There are great deals every week in the form of offers, discount codes and points that you can save. Prizes are also given away regularly . In short, you can get a lot of discount here.


I'll cover my favorite Chinese webshop here: Gearbest. In addition to a webshop, this is a platform for resellers, just like You can recognize resellers by the image below on the product page.


I have already ordered quite a few items here with nice discounts. Other webshops can learn something from this!

Toolbar - Offers

Gearbest, kortingsbalk.

Go-Go-Gadget deals, big selection!

App only

Gearbest, App Only.

By installing the app you immediately get an advantage, at the top left is the App only button  , so only a discount for users of the app. So that's a bonus! Discounts here vary from a few to tens of percents. Watch out! These percentages are often related to the suggested retail price, so there is a chance that it will be just as expensive elsewhere.

Flash sale

Gearbest, Flash Sale.

The Flash Sale category contains the subcategories Super Deals and Flash Sale , both categories contain products that are on sale for a specific period. During this period, which varies per product, you can buy products with high discounts. 

  • Super Deals
    • At the top is a bar with different days and times when the Super Deals are valid. You can see the current and future offers here. At the top left is a clock that indicates how long the offers will last.

    Super Deals

    • Flash Sales
      • Below the product description is a clock that indicates how long the offer will last.

      Flash Sales 

      Under $10

      Gearbest, Under $10.

      Are you looking for a cheap gift, then you have come to the right place in this category. This includes the low-priced items under $ 10. At the bottom of this category is a bar with even more deals ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 9.99. The App Only and Flash Sale deals also feature here.


      Gearbest, Hot.

      Under the category Hot you will find all the frequently selling offers. What is striking is that the products in the App Only and Flash Sale also appear here.

      Coupon Deals

      Gearbest, Coupon.

      If you want to receive a discount in Coupon Deals , you must enter a coupon code here when paying for the product. You get this by tapping the Copy button next to the coupon code under the product, and pasting it in the Coupon Code box at checkout. A time limit also applies here. A clock, below the product image, indicates how much time is left. A little further down, below the price, the remaining coupons are listed. Once you arrive on the product page, it may be that there is another discount to choose, such as a coupon discount with a minimum purchase, or whether the product in question is also in the Flash Sale. Unfortunately, the discounts cannot be combined. So check which discount offer the most benefit before you pay.


      Gearbest, New.

      Newest arrivals , or the newest products, can be found in this category.

      VIP Club

      Under VIP Club you will find articles where you can obtain a discount by handing in saved points. These points are in your personal account, at the bottom right of the toolbar, recognizable by the yellow figure.

      New Buyers

      New Buyers includes offers that are for new users of the app only. Here you will find Hot Pics , this is a selection of products from the previous Flash Sales category . The App Exclusive Price contains the offers that apply only in the app and not on the website, this is in addition to new deals on the App only category discussed above. Coupon Deals complements new deals also discussed the coupon deals .

      Gearbest, Clearance.


      Clearance includes all items that are on sale. There are also products from the categories App Only , Flash Deals and Super Deals  that are on sale too. If you tap on a product, you will see the word Clearance at the beginning of the description of the product if this is a sale product.


      Toolbar - Navigation


      The Home button takes you to the home page of the app. Here you can search by means of a search bar and QR code scanner, you can even read a saved QR code. At the top is the button bar with offers, as described above. In addition, all product categories are available in which you can browse extensively.


      At the top you have a search bar at your disposal and of course the different categories on the left, ranging from Gearbest Selection, Cell phones & Accessories and Home & Garden.  


      The Community category is divided into Follow , Selected , Giveaway , Coupons and Video . Under Follow you will find various Gearbest articles , ranging from the latest products to giveaways. In Selected features articles from third parties such as customer reviews, the latest products and firmware updates. In GiveAway you can find all the giveaways , for example you can win a prize by participating in the lucky group and expressing why you want that specific product. The person with the most likes wins the product. Coupons includes articles and videos of products with corresponding coupon codes , which can be found at the bottom of the description or via the Coupon Station tag below the description of the article. Finally, in Video, divided into eight categories, you will find commercials of the products that are offered at Gearbest.


      Shopping Cart(1)

      Just like in any other shop, purchases end up in the shopping cart. After tapping the Cart button, you will be taken to the Shopping Cart page (1) , where you first check the following:


      • At the top of the example you see Save $ 1.00 Over $ 14.00  with Need more $ 12.01, Get $ 1.00 discount immediately below  . This indicates the remaining amount you still need to spend for $ 1.00 off the total order value.
      • Below right is Coupon , tap this to get the discount coupon if you have not already done so on the product page.
      • In the middle is Save $ 1.00 Over $ 14.00 , tap this if you want to take advantage of this discount.
      • If everything is to your liking, tap the  Check Out  or PayPal button to pay directly via PayPal . If you pay directly with PayPal, your shipping address from your PayPal account will be used.

      Shopping Cart(1)

      Order Information

      Now you have landed on the Order Information page where you check the following:


      1. As you can see Registered Air Mail has been selected, the advantage is that you can track the order, but the disadvantage is that shipping costs are added. If you tap this, you can change this to, for example, Unregistered Air Mail so that no shipping costs are added. (Image: Shipping Methods )
      2. Points not Usable , or points you cannot use. If you tap the question mark, you will see why this is the case. In this example I do not have the required minimum points, namely 50 pieces.
      3. Although I did collect the coupons,  Coupon - None Available is  displayed. This is because the value of the total order does not match the minimum amount of the coupon.
      4. In the Coupon Code box you can enter the previously copied coupon code. Do not forget to tap Apply afterwards to deduct the discount from the order value.
      5. The slider next to Dropshipped Order ? you can turn it on or off. Dropshipping means that if you place an order with a seller, he does not have the ordered product in stock, but has it shipped immediately by his own supplier.

      Order Information

      Shipping Methods


      After tapping Place Order, you will be taken to the Payment page . Here you can select the different payment methods. Here, of course, I selected PayPal for purchase protection and free returns.


      Remember : First try which discount is most beneficial, because you can only use one at a time.


      My Orders

      In the Account category you will find My Orders , which contains the orders that have not yet been paid ( Unpaid ), have not yet been sent ( Not Shipped ), have already been sent ( Shipped Out ) and reviews ( Reviews ) of products received. Below are the points accumulated, the coupons received, your GB wallet balance, the articles you have viewed, your favorites and the reserved products.


      Of course we installed this app for the discount , so I will explain the Points category . After tapping on Points you will see the overview, at the top the total of GB points is stated with the current value in dollars behind it. This section is divided into All Points, Gained Points , Used Points, and Expired Points .

      My Coupons

      After a tap on Coupons you will enter My Coupons, divided into Usable , Used and Expired . Pay attention! Under the coupon you can see how long it is still valid.

      G Wallet

      G Wallet is a type of electronic wallet from Gearbest , in which the amount is deposited when a product is refunded or when a prize is won. For example, if you have not received an item, you will be refunded the amount in this wallet. You can buy products with the credit, but you can of course also have it paid out to your PayPal account or credit card via the Gearbest support center.


      In Viewed , all the articles you have viewed are in the app.


      Your favorite products ( Goods ) and resellers ( Stores ) are stored under Favorites .


      Reservations is divided into Effective and Expired .

      Product page

      On the Product page you will find the following options:


      If you tap the option  Warehouse & Shipping Fee: Fast-08  ( Product page - A ), on the Shipping method & Cost page you can choose  the warehouse Warehouse Options ( Shipping Method & Cost  - A1 ) from which to ship. Via Shipping to  ( Shipping Method & Cost   A2 ) you choose to which country the product should be shipped. Under Available shipping methods  ( Shipping Method & Cost   A3 ) you will find the different shipping methods, which you can still adjust in your shopping cart.

      In the Gearbest app it is possible to choose warehouse , from which to ship. If you order above €10 - €22 (depending of the country you live in), there is a chance that you will have to pay import tax, import and clearance costs. Do you not want to be faced with surprises? Then choose a warehouse in the EU, because here you will not have to deal with additional costs. The disadvantage is that the prices are slightly higher than when you order from China or Hong Kong.


      Under the above option A is Product Options ( Product page  - B ), with this you choose the properties of the product on the next page. Such as the color ( Product Options - B1 ), the size ( Product Options -  B2 ) and the quantity ( Product Options -  B3 ). Depending on the product, more properties may be listed on this page.


      Product page

      Gearbest, verzendmethode's. en kosten.

      Shipping Method & Cost

      Product Options

      Warehouses Gearbest


      You can also obtain coupons on the product page if they are offered, if you have forgotten this, you can still obtain the coupons in your shopping cart. Look for the word Coupon on the first order page . All obtained coupons can be found in your account.

      Product page

      GB Points

      With GB points you get a discount at Gearbest , not at resellers. These points can be specified during the checkout of the product. You can earn GB points by performing various actions.

      1. 50 GB points are worth $ 1.
      2. From 50 GB points you can get a discount on your order.
      3. The total discount is a maximum of 30% of the order value.
      4. GB points cannot be combined with Coupons, Special Offers, Email-Only prices, or Flash Sale promotions.
      5. If you want to withdraw GB points in money, it costs 1 GB point per $ 1.
      6. GB points earned before October 31 of the current year are valid until March 31 of the following year.


      1. When you purchase a product, you receive 1 GB point per $ 1.
        1. For example, if there is a 10% discount on a $ 10 product, you will eventually pay $ 9, but you will still receive 10 GB points on the amount without discount.
      2. 5 GB points
        1. Send a message with a question about the product you have purchased.
      3. 10 GB points
        1. Sign up for a Gearbest newsletter for the first time.
        2. Write a review about the purchased product.
      4. 20 GB points
        1. Upload a profile photo.
        2. Write a review with photo about the purchased product.
      5. 50 GB points
        1. Create a Gearbest account.
        2. Write a review with video about the purchased product.
      6. 70 GB points
        1. Write a review with photos and videos about the purchased product.


      1. 50 GB points
        1. If your video is selected by Gearbest and posted to the Video Community.
      2. Double GB points
        1. The first 5 reviewers are awarded double points.


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